About Bar Zero

Bar Zero was created in 2019 as a nonprofit organization to provide vocational training, life skill building, and to create space for connection and community for those in recovery from substance use disorders.

We provide a steady income for individuals in early recovery, on the job training of transferable skills, and most importantly, goals and purpose in day to day life. Evidence suggests employment programs like ours are successful in helping those with substance use problems during and post-treatment to foster and maintain longevity in recovery.

Bar Zero allocates funds in THREE PRIMARY CATEGORIES:

(corporate, events, social)

– This business allows Bar Zero to hire staff in early recovery to learn about the industry and provide on-the-job training.

(sober curious events, non-alcoholic bars for high school and higher education, holiday and special occasion events such as New Year’s Eve dinners with delicious eats but without alcohol)

 – Our events serve not only as a fun, safe space to build connection and community, but also as prevention of substance use disorders and awareness of what has been identified as the first step to lowering the rate of young people starting to use drugs and/or alcohol. 

Culinary Education


  • An introduction to classical training in basic culinary skills, serving as a primer in culinary professional development for those in recovery
  • Life Skills Cooking Classes: an introduction to cooking in the home kitchen for those in early recovery

The importance of life skill building is crucial in early recovery. Education in cooking and nutrition helps to foster independence and wellbeing and can help to maintain recovery.


Bar Zero Testimonials

Our Team

Bar Zero Board Members and staff.

Laura Herrmann

Board President

Emily Schrader

Executive Director

Brian Green

Board Member

Lawrence S. Wall Jr.

Board Secretary

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Web Graphic Designer