Brian Green

Alumni Coordinator and Outreach Representative – AspenRidge Recovery

Brain Green is a Colorado Native and grew up in Denver. His mother was a teacher and his father, a firefighter who worked in the North Denver area, the neighborhood in which he lived. Growing up in that house, with those influences, he always thought he was going to become a firefighter or a police officer.  After college, Brian found a home in the hospitality industry and that is where he spent the majority of his career until his drinking became a problem and took him off track with advancing in that industry.  Once Brian decided to get help for his substance use problem, he found recovery through AspenRidge Recovery Center and his passion for helping others in addiction took hold.

Brian is now the Alumni Coordinator and Outreach Rep for AspenRidge Recovery Center and this is where he expects to retire.  His mission and personal code are now in line with one another.  He is a proud Board Member of Bar Zero and hopes to play a part in helping change the narrative of what it means to party and to prove you can have fun and enjoy a night out, without the dangers of drugs and alcohol.