David Melker


David Melker is an award-winning chef who has worked in the food and beverage industry for over thirty years. He has worked in hotels and restaurants throughout Israel and around the United States, granting him experience with a diversity of cuisines. Chef David specializes in international health food with an emphasis on vegetarian, vegan, and other diet-restrictive fare. He believes that what we eat defines us, and his holistic approach to nutrition and lifestyle supports people in early recovery. His most recent work with the University of Colorado athletics department, collaborating with a nutritionist to plan meals for the athletes, allowed him the opportunity to experiment with a healthful, balanced diet without sacrificing variety and taste. 

Chef David’s life-long commitment to the martial arts also influences his cooking and reinforces his belief that food and lifestyle walk hand-in-hand. As a young man, David worked as a counselor at a special education boarding school; he has never lost his passion for mentoring others whether as a martial arts trainer or as a chef. 




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